Agency Advertising: Avoiding the Top-10 Bonehead Mistakes
You’ve heard the sales pitch: “200 radio ads for 200 bucks! What a deal!” Then you find out the ads are running at 3 a.m. on Sunday. Not exactly the primo, drive-time audience you’re seeking. In this fun, information-packed session, learn how to plan, budget, execute and measure promotional plans for your agency. And with online advertising more prominent, you’ll want to be sure you’re spending your money in all the right places. No more “Spray & Pray” campaigns!
Take This Job and Love It: The Zen of Customer Service
Truly effective customer service isn’t just learning how to deal with difficult people, answer the phone by the third ring, and smile even when irritated. It’s about creating an agency environment centered upon the customer, from the top management level. Learn how many agencies defeat any chance of success with agency procedures and policies that torpedo the staff’s ability to deliver truly outstanding service. Then see how to avoid their mistakes (and fate) within your own organization.
6 Ways to Get Sued
There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there's only six ways to get sued for insurance agent's E&O. (OK, maybe seven, but the last one is a bonus!) This seminar will not only reveal these mysterious six ways (HINT: think Wizard of Oz and Cool Hand Luke), but also the key methods for making sure your agency never falls prey to their evils. It's safe to say you may never have attended an E&O seminar quite like this.
How to Win Friends and Influence Adjusters
How do you handle claim scenarios where no one seems particularly happy with the outcome, particularly your insured? If you as an agent are truly trying to help your insureds through an often difficult and emotional process, how do you first sort through all the coverage issues and forms language to decide who is really right? This seminar will assist in your travails by illustrating the claims-analysis process, how to dig out what a policy is truly trying to say, how court cases may either hinder or help, and how to utilize what you learn to negotiate with a carrier over disputed claims.
Street Level Ethics: Forget the Fantasy & Get Real
It often appears that the majority of what passes for “ethics training” is having little or no effect on individual or corporate behaviors. Case in point: Enron, which has become the poster child for lack of ethical behavior, had an extensive ethics program in place, evidently to little effect.
“Street Level Ethics” takes a different approach. Originally developed by Chris Amrhein for the American Institute for CPCU, these materials are not intended to be the final word on creating ethical behavior in insurance practitioners, but rather to serve as an introduction to the “street level” application of what are often seen as esoteric topics. The main objective is to lead the workshop participants to start “wading into the pool” of what constitutes an ethical dilemma.
Your Marketing Budget: Turning Waste to Wealth
Most businesses possess little understanding of marketing as more than buying ads and putting their agency name on the windows. Marketing requires a complete analysis of your organization, where you want it to go, your options for getting it there, and who your true prospects are. This seminar works through each of these topics, with the steps you need to take and the pitfalls you need to avoid.


Marketing to New Generations: Beyond the Boomers
Paul McCartney may have done well with “Yesterday”, but if you want to build an agency with a future, better you should follow Fleetwood Mac’s advice and “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow”. And tomorrow for independent insurance agencies looks a lot like Generation X and the Millennials. Who are these generations, and why are they such “goldmines?”
They are millions strong, and solidly underway in establishing careers and changing society. This seminar helps in understanding generational traits shared by Xers and Millennials, and then takes it a step farther by showing how these traits can bring new possibilities to your agency. Yes, there might be some challenges along the way, but simply understanding and embracing the value brought by these generations can ensure agency success far into the future. 
Top-10 Ways Best Practices Agencies Are Kicking Your Butt
Sure, it's a tough market. The economy isn't great, competition is fierce, clients aren't happy, and carriers can't seem to get enough business to keep them happy.
So what else is new? It seems in whatever marketplace, in any location, at any revenue level, there are always those agencies that, instead of sinking beneath the flood, simply float higher with the tide. What do they know you don't? What are they doing you aren't? Based upon the annually updated IIABA Best Practices program findings, this seminar will give you the top real reasons successful agencies are not only surviving but growing.
Who Moved My Purple Cow: Building Relationships in a Transaction-Based World
Our business world is changing rapidly and we keep finding our “stuff” has moved. Join IIF as we help you understand the following:
    • Are your customer service “bank accounts” overflowing or overdrawn?
    • Why asking “What Women Want” is the wrong question.
    • Why “You don’t bring me flowers anymore” should be a cheer and not a lament.
    • Why you should focus on personalities, not probabilities.
    • If people really prefer dealing with people, explain those gas pumps!
    • To touch ‘em, tech ‘em!
    • Want a Purple Cow? Go Fish!

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